Taking on the Japanese Garden

Today we got stuck into the old Japanese Garden. It was hard work , but so worth it. We started with a pretty uneven piece of land. The weeds and blackberries were also slowly but surely making their way back into the garden via this little patch.

First, we raked all the leaves, and filled in any holes or dips in the garden.

Then we built the frames for four raised beds.

We went about lasagna layering the beds. 1st layer, wet cardboard or newspaper. 2nd layer, shredded paper from our office recycling box. 3rd layer, leaves and dry grass. 4 th layer, compost. 5th layer, top soil. We’ll let these guys chill over the winter, and then we’ll plant into them in the spring.


once the leaves were added we mulched around the new beds, and then added the old paving stones back to the garden. They look really great in the new mulch.

doesn’t it look amazing!

also, Bailey helped with the digging, except, instead of using his paws, he used his face.

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