Monthly Archives: February 2011

Farmer Voices #13: Joshua C.

This is Joshua Carpenter, the freshman farmer at the WIA funded OHDC youth farm. I am so thankful to President Obama and all the works programs he put in motion to help stimulate the economy—through providing training and jobs for kids like me.  He laid the foundation for our group to grow; and grow we […]

Farmer Voices #12: Omar M.

“I’m new here and have only gone to the farm a few  times, but I have enjoyed it everytime I have attended. I have learned a few tips and techniques about farming, such as how to keep weeds from growing, how to prune a fruit tree, and the best way to plant seeds. One of the best ways […]

Farmer Voices #8: Juliet B.

“OHDC  Supa Fresh Youth Farm is a program I had never heard of  before until one of my sister’s friends told me about it. Being here was a good start to planning out my life they are going to help me out with college, and gaining work experience. When I did my first mock interview I learned […]

Farmer Voices #6: Jasmine G.

“During the farm project I have learned that everyone has different skills that benefit one another and contribute in helping with  the different tasks and projects we do. I think that many others like I have learned to communicate better with one another which is a very significant skill to know. The farm is like […]