Wish List

Donor shout out!

We will like to extend our deepest thanks to our most recent donors. We could not make this happen without your support. Welcome to the Farmily! Here are some examples of how your donation can help youth succeed. Donna, harvesting flowers for bouquets 20 dollars - buys a youth bus pass. 100 dollars - buys clothing for a youth. 600 dollars - pays for a spring internship for a youth.

Want to help out the farmers? 

We prefer to earn our money by selling delicious produce but, until that pays all the bills, we also gladly accept donations! Monetary donations can be made via check or credit card.  Contact Katrin at 503-307-0633 for a donation form, OR contact Katrin at katrin.dougherty@ohdc.org to mail donations to OHDC Supa Fresh Youth Farm at Durham Education Center located at, 8040 SW Durham Rd. Tigard, OR, 97223. Please do not mail cash donations.  If you would like to make a cash or credit card donation please come visit us or contact Katrin.  🙂 Donations are tax deductible and make a real difference in the lives of local youth.  Donors will be provided with our non-profit tax ID# and a donation receipt.


We also need supplies at the farm...lots of supplies. 

With ~65 youth and three farms we are always in need of something.  Here are several items that would be very helpful:

Rain coats

Rain boots

Snacks (Non-perishable)

Gift cards for youth incentives, youth basic needs, farm supplies

Compost, manure, soil amendments (organic)

Wood chips

Spray bottles

Scrub/bushes for washing veggies

Hoses--we always need these!

Spare parts for hoses: sprayers, replacement parts, splitters

Hose holders

Wire cutters

Tool kits

Saw Horses/Work Tables

First Aid supplies, ice packs

Recycle/trash bins with lids

Bike pump


Metal fence posts


Lumber, plywood (various)




Rock rake

Leather gloves

Tomato cages

Scissors, harvesting knives

Irrigation supplies

Produce boxes (Cardboard, plastic, wood) - 20 or more

Baskets for market display

Shade canopy - 10' x 10'


8’ folding tables (preferably that fold in half)

Biodegradable soap (Dish soap)

Resume paper

Paint, tiny, small & large paint brushes

Crafting & Art supplies

Small, old truck  🙂

All donors will be provided with a donation receipt and OHDC tax ID.